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If Rinharu were a thing they'd be killing one another lol imagine Makoto stepping in their apartment for a visit and having to dodge from flying plates


Lmao, yeah. Like, this season they showed how they are so different they just can’t work. Rin gets pissed so quickly, Haru is very emotionless, that would not work out well. Rin gets shit done, he is motivated, fast, a fighter. Haru wants to be free. When Haru invited Rin over, Rin’s first guess was a race and nothing else and he wasn’t even enthusiastic. Rin knew nothing about Haru’s struggles, because he has a completely different approach to life and they did not bother to see each other over the weeks. Haru does not want to share the swimming dream with Rin, because he does not get it and he wants something else in life. At this point even in swimming they are not compatible. 

Haru spends his free time with Makoto who just gets him, Rin spends his free time with Sousuke who just gets him. It’s as simple as that. Some people are compatible and some are not. It is especially obvious when others expect to see Rin with Sousuke and Haru with Makoto.

I feel like people ship them based on their rivalry which they misinterpret as being more, but this season showed that there’s no more to it than swimming. If people want to ship them based on this, fair play, but why they are coming to my inbox and whining? Lol. 

After the last episode, I regret to say that Haru really doesn’t deserve Makoto. For me he can go stay at Australia and disappear from the show. And yeah, he was my favourite character from the go, but some things are unforgivable, and upright rejection of someone who cares for you just out of egoism is not easy to forgive. I really don’t know how are the writers going to fix it. 

(And by the way, I’m reading High Speed and OMG, knowing the story from Haru’s point of view is not helping at all).

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Koujaku’s route (re:connect) - videos


If you prefer to watch online instead of downloading, here are links for that! ^^
(These are uploaded to youtube so I’d appreciate if you didn’t share the videos, but direct people to this tumblr instead. Thank you.)

Still in progress.

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I’m having a bad time fighting Dmmd cold turkey, so perhaps tonight I will watch Koujaku’s route again *big sigh*