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Have you read Harry Potter? If you have which house do you each character would be in ? I know they would all have graduated at their age but who doesn't a hp crossover? ( I love it if you included the brats too and Tae San...


I have not read HP, but I’ve seen all the movies. :3 I’m not huge on reading, even though I love to write. :I Weird. I’m not a HP expert, so don’t crucify me if I get some stuff mixed up. Anyway, here are my HCs for DMMD hogwarts houses:

  • Aoba: Hufflepuff. He’s kind of an airhead, but he comes through in a pinch and he’s pretty loyal, considering.
  • Koujaku: Gryffindor. No doubt about it. He’s brave, passionate, and has a great heart.
  • Noiz: Ravenclaw. He’s brainy and logical, but he’s not very determined or cunning. He’s just kind of awkward.
  • Mink: Slytherin. Smart, fearless, willful and relentless. Not above getting his hands dirty to get the job done.
  • Clear: Hufflepuff. Head in the clouds, but also enigmatic and full of a special brand of wisdom. There’s bravery and sweetness in there too.
  • Virus: Ravenclaw. Always one step ahead, but too lacking in passion to have any sort of loyalty. Revels in dominance for the sake of it.
  • Trip: Hufflepuff. Not stupid, but not smart either. Follows those he admires and emulates them accordingly. There is an innocence to him that remains untouched by whatever dastardly deeds he commits for the sake of emulation.
  • Tae: Gryffindor. Wise and kind, but not a pushover. More bravery, resilience, and love in her than most people.
  • Ren: Gryffindor. Righteous, loyal, and caring. He’s also very strong and selfless.
  • Sei: Hufflepuff. Innocent, kind, self-sacrificing and serene. He is wise in the desires of the heart.
  • Mizuki: Gryffindor. Loyal, fun-loving, and friendly. Also has a great sense of justice and fairness.

Sorry if I fucked anything up. :v Im not a scholar on the subject. (But fun fact: I’m a Ravenclaw. :U)

I think they are pretty right! :D

(And by the way, happy birthday, Madelezabeth!)

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Are we going to talk about the fact Haru didn't tell Makoto but told Rin? I mean, of course I understand why he didn't tell him and that he was very angry while telling Rin, but sometimes it hurts me so much to see Makoto's facial expression. Like. Fuck this. Rin doesn't even deserve Haru's words. I really didn't like Rin in the first season but it got better at the beginning of the second, but now my hate is coming back ._. -have a nice day anyways c:


i didn’t really see it like that tbh. makoto constantly asked him if he was okay, he knows not to be in haru’s space and he knew haru was dealing with things his own way. maybe haru would have told makoto eventually, but they both knew it had to be when haru felt like it. remember, he’s an introvert, he’s not very open about his feelings and let’s not forget makoto kinda wanted him to go pro too

rin meanwhile gets all up in haru’s face asking about his dreams and future (pressuring him even MORE) and haru fucking snapped at rin because he’s had enough of that shit. i mean it’s not like he sat down and said “i don’t wanna do this” but he was like “FUCK YOU AND FUCK THOSE SCOUTS I SWIM FOR ME, DON’T PUSH YOUR EXPECTATIONS ON ME I’M NOT YOU, YOU GODDAMN FUCK [SLAMS LOCKER]”

and makoto saw the whole thing so TECHNICALLY he told makoto too

next episode i’m sure makoto and haru will FINALLY TALK (if not that one than the next one since next week seems like sourin) because there’s no way makoto is going to let that pass right HE JUST SAW HARU LOSE HIS CALM AND COLLECTIVE SHIT, COME ON NOW

I mostly agree… but I don’t know, Makoto doesn’t seem great at talking either. He’s been all season worried about choosing an Uni, and I bet he’s delaying his decission until Haru makes his own one, to be able to be with him. But the closer he’s been to talk about it was in this episode, and to Rin nonetheless! (Damned Nagisa, I would pull his ear if he was here, he’s always right where he doesn’t have to be).